Viewing Portfolio Projects

There are a few different ways to view your portfolio projects after they’ve been created.

The following links are created automatically once you add portfolio projects, types, and tags. Be sure to swap the words in bold with your real site address and the appropriate slug. For example, if your project type is called Watercolors, your default slug will be watercolorsand your address for the watercolors project type archive will be

  • Portfolio Archive –
  • Single Project Page –
  • Project Type Archive –
  • Project Tag Archive –

Heads-up: Since portfolios are displayed automatically at the address it’s important that you don’t create any pages, categories, or tags called “portfolio,” otherwise your projects may not display as intended.

Portfolio Shortcode

The Portfolio content type comes with a shortcode to let you easily display projects on posts and pages. 

K-T | Courageous

A world-class digital scrapbook that includes engaging messages and stories from K-T Syndrome affected and extended family. We see the future and it includes today’s KT Kids knowing that they are special; not because of KT, but rather because their KT family is a world-wide community living life in a big way. Leave no doubt […]

K-T | Worldwide

A worldwide registry of those affected by Vascular Anomalies which got its start when author William Lee looked for a way to connect with others traveling an unexpected path. The directory includes those born with genetic anomalies, as well as parents, siblings, partners, friends, medical professionals, and supporters. Individual participants must formally approve of their […]

Event 1

This is an Event Project Test.

Directory | Administrators

These are the admins for this website.

William A. Lee


Dawne L. Lee

This Dawne.

Event 2

another test

Directory | Authors

Directory | Events

embeds an archive view of your portfolio projects. See our full instructions here.

Portfolio Themes

Although all themes will display your projects after they’ve been created, a few themes have been designed specifically with the Portfolio content type in mind. These themes will have specific styles for the project archives and portfolio shortcode, and may provide specially designed page templates to display your portfolio in other ways.


If any of the Portfolio page links result in a “Page Not Found” error, this can be easily fixed by disabling and re-enabling the Portfolio content type. Go to  Settings → Writing → Custom Content Types, disable the “Portfolio Projects” option, save your changes, and then re-enable the “Portfolio Projects” option and save your changes again.

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