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  1. … ” we-Willi” likes it! (7/2/2011) -   Klippel Trenaunay Support Group [k-t.org] … the first-in-the-world Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome Support Group … the pioneers of KT Suport Groups Organization’s Website and Blog Group [www] Facebook Discussion Group [www] Email Discussion Group Option 1: Go directly to the email group’s admin webpage and fill in the “Request to Join” information. [www] Option 2: Send an […]
  2. … klippel who & port wine stain what? (7/4/2011) - Was your beautiful child born with muted red and deep purple stains on their skin?  If so, are you noticing patches of color that vary in size or maybe even extend from head to toe?  When you asked the doctor, did he/she likely described these mosaics as Port Wine Stains, Vascular Birthmarks, Birthmarks or Hemangiomas?  Did your doctor give you a […]
  3. … my life if nothing else is a journey! (7/6/2011) - The Journey Begins I’m looking forward to writing and the conversations it brings.   Do forgive my known weakness in grammar.  Praise be to the spell checker, may it never let me down!  I don’t have an Editor on staff, so please feel free to step in and offer corrections or changes.  I take no offense to […]
  4. … say what? (6/1/2011) - [The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one?  [No matter] I want to know how God created this world.  I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of […]
  5. … why am I doing this journal you ask? (7/5/2011) - … Here is to a long life and life-long learning. … Here is to expecting and honoring the antithesis. Every now and then you read something that challenges your understandings and absent rigidity of thought your preconceived notions. I think it a benefit to friend, or simply those with a passing interest, to write about […]
  6. 90-10 …pathos? (2/10/2017) - Understanding that humanity is 90% accident of birth — be it our physical, intellectual, emotional, social, or cultural birth reality — and 10% motivation leads us to humility which is essential to comity and community. William Anton Lee 2017, February 09 [90-10 …pathos?]
  7. A Doctors’ Perspective (8/23/2011) - Comment Bubble Preface This is a partial re-print (with headings added for readability) of a case study of a patient with pelvic and internal involvement.  Expressly for the purpose passing on one of the better professional descriptions of K-T only the definitional sections are republished here.  The complete References are also published here.  In the event you’re interested in the complete […]
  8. A Grandson’s Goodbye (11/17/2011) - Comment Bubble Sleep In his arms you will rest, among the chosen ones. With your Love you will rest, locked in an embrace for eternity. Memories will last me a life time and beyond. Our talks will be missed. Your heart will be missed. You will be missed. So strong you are. Through the pain […]
  9. A Humble Bounty (11/9/2011) - Comment Bubble Leave your riches never to seek these again, as we work together to make our Country better.    Come follow me, albeit to the poor house, but most assuredly to lifelong satisfaction.   I invite you to do likewise, so that we can share our bounty at the same table. [William Anton Lee, A Humble Bounty ©2011] […]
  10. Affiliate with No Party: A National Initiative (10/28/2011) - Comment Bubble … the core instincts of both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements are closer than each realizes Our historically strong economy has masked a lot of national fault lines and we are seeing the consequences now of having been blinded by our once dominance in the World economy.  There is little […]
  11. Awakening to Love (9/8/2012) - …  by William Anton Lee Passion dances on your heart; Sweet everything’s sing endlessly; Dreams break into consciousness. Memorable silhouettes transform shadows; Aromatic passings tease the soul; Sleep wanes in deference. Caressing feathers reveal accidental touch; Emerald crystals replace silhouettes; Awakened arms cradle love. ————— (William Anton Lee, (c) (r) 2012, September 8) #william-anton-lee
  12. “Not him with great possessions… (1/10/2017) - “Not him with great possessions should you in truth call blest; with better right does he claim the name of happy man who realizes how to make use of the gods’ gifts wisely, is skilled to meet harsh poverty and endure, as one who dreads dishonor far more than death; a man like that for […]
  13. Beyond Gun Control (4/23/2013) - I’m more than willing to go down the road that most gun control advocates pave. There is no doubt it saves lives when some insane or severely damaged person decides to kill. With this in mind, now lets bootstrap these efforts with simultaneous actions of governance, child rearing, education, healthcare, and fail these, incarceration that […]
  14. Bill of Rights – Constitution of the United States of America (1/11/2017) - … well worth reading in total and asking does popular shorter text do us right or mislead. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition […]
  15. Bill of Rights – Constitution of the United States of America (10/16/2011) - Comment Bubble … well worth reading in total and asking does popular shorten text do us right or misinform a lazy public. 1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people […]
  16. BLM – Killer Mike’s Perspective (7/29/2020) - Black Lives Matter – Not a Monolithic Movement www.facebook.com/WhoIsRyanDavis/videos/2398815333717679/ Denzel Washington once said it is about Culture and not Color. He was explaining why a Black Director was better suited in specific cases. I came across this video of Killer Mike. It brought me back to Denzel’s underlying point about culture and it’s unique perspective. […]
  17. BLM – Nicole Walters Keeping Us Real (7/29/2020) - Black Lives Matter isn’t a Monolithic movement Nicole Walters who favors optimism, strives to be a bright light to all, wakes up to speak to her circle and is compelled to share from her gut what is the present cultural and personal pressure of growing up while black. Her presentation is gut wrenching. Stay with […]
  18. BLM – Will Sleepy America Wake Up (7/27/2020) - Black Lives Matter isn’t a Monolithic Movement (continued) www.facebook.com/N2Sreports/videos/597666117618719/ Look deeper into the Facebook Page for NEWS 2S and see the civil war that is upon us. If you are not disturbed by this please reconsider. We have zealotry amassed as paramilitary with police forces between them. Think about that. police forces who are in […]
  19. Capillary Vascular Malformations (11/16/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research* Capillary Vascular Malformations, DermNet NZ: The New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated  – – – – – – – – – – * Continuing our work to bring you the world’s most comprehensive array of information on K-T.
  20. Category Intro: Jefferson Project (9/1/2011) - These are keystone ideas and principles of Thomas Jefferson. Why this project? As a young child of Washington, DC, the writings of “the man in that beautiful round building” always intrigued me. Simply put, this much older child desired to know more about him and chose to hear him in his own words. Developed principally […]
  21. Category Intro: Mutterings (9/1/2011) - Their are times when you say what is on your mind without weeks of research. Sure you risk saying things that under closer scrutiny needed to be more thoughtful, even more nuanced. But these are the times when being socially engaged includes responding in the heat of the moment to something you read or someone […]
  22. Citizen’s Blueprint for America (10/27/2011) - Comment Bubble … really off the cuff stuff, but hey someone needs to push the envelope There is little doubt our economy is tanking and businesses are closing right and left.  A major stimulus is needed to push it into recovery.  Hold on to your britches.  I didn’t say government stimulus, I said stimulus.  This isn’t […]
  23. Consider Evolution of Governance (4/26/2013) - An enlightened citizenry once agreed that Kings, Queens and Lords were an archaic form of governance. Today, we surely have the courage to agree that a Republic governed by statist, aristocratic Congressional Representatives is now equally archaic. Like the single shot revolver and horses of their time, Congress is an inadequate, old tool. We know […]
  24. Dating, A Lady’s Perspective (2/14/2012) - http://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/relationship-issues This article is well worth the read. I’m passing it along, particularly for the ladies in our K-T family.
  25. Driving Out Darkness (10/13/2011) - Comment Bubble Food for thought: “I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.” Booker T. Washington “A gentleman will not insult me, and no man not a gentleman can insult me.” Frederick Douglass “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only […]
  26. False Democracy (4/23/2013) - When will our society/community opens its eyes and see that concentrated wealth and concentrated political power are a two headed snake with one just as dangerous and onerous as the other. When will it finally understand that democracy ruins itself by allowing either to hollow out its core and by inviting in the Trojan Horse […]
  27. Friendship in a Facebook World (8/16/2012) - … Comment My community of friends include the progressive, conservative, libertarian,  environmentalist, anarchist, political agnostic, naturalist, spiritualist, atheist, religious agnostic, god-centered religious, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, asexual, vowed to chastity, European, African, American, Asian, and probably a whole slew of other labels I have yet to witness and add to my lexicon or simply forgot to […]
  28. Generational Reflections (4/23/2013) - One of those days in life you pause and reflect. We attended the memorial of my Aunt Donna Jean this last Sunday. She is my father’s younger sister. Her two kids spoke so eloquently about the gravity of soul and how an incredibly nice lady made life long friends with every life change. She out […]
  29. Getting it off my chest; because sometimes it just feels proper! (12/10/2011) - Comment Bubble I haven’t published for a while. We’ve been busy working on the Klippel-Trenaunay Projects and meeting new friends who share a special challenge in life with me.  Catching up this morning on national news, I couldn’t help it – I had to get these thoughts out.  Who knows why some things impact you, […]
  30. Happy Thanksgiving! (11/24/2011) - A special greeting to my family and friends.   Have a safe and glorious day.
  31. Hello world! (2/15/2012) - Welcome to WordPress.com. After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post. Here are some suggestions for your first post. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by […]
  32. Hoax Alert: Senior & Disabled Obamacare (4/28/2013) - Senior Citizen and Disabled Citizen Alert: There is an insidious, veiled practice of patient dumping going on. It is your supposed “champion” the Democratic Party who leads this campaign. You have diligently searched, sometimes for months and years to find a caring and skilled doctor who understands and competently treats your often difficult medical condition(s). […]
  33. I’ll Be Here Tomorrow (10/15/2011) -  Comment Bubble Courage isn’t a desperate growl; rather the gritty mantra “I’ll be here tomorrow!” Yes my friend, it is courage you have, and courage you inspire. Better days are coming! [William Anton Lee, I’ll Be Here Tommorrow,©2011]   – – – – – – – – – – Note:  My friend James Vetham inspires […]
  34. Imaging Studies are Essential (8/15/2011) - Comment Bubble … Venogram tests, or the equivalent are essential for diagnosing Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome At one point in my medical care doctors recommended my varicose veins be stripped.  This surgery would reduce the number of stasis ulcers I was having.  Fortunately for me, I personally paid for a consult with doctors at Scripps’ La Jolla Medical Clinic.  Yes…. […]
  35. ISIS reaching out to the U.S. from Syria (2/11/2017) - “They received instructions from senior ISIL leaders in Syria. They were committed to violence.”   CNN story
  36. It’s not about Money, it’s about Power! (10/19/2011) - Comment Bubble Wake up America!  Power concentrated, whether by money or political favor, is suspect.  Politicians with unchecked or long-term power are perverted.  Money along with power is irrepressible.  Politicians in pursuit of money aren’t representing you, they’re chasing ego.  The so-called “Right” and “Left” are blowing smoke up your collective butts.  They’re Parties without […]
  37. Jefferson Pushes Imancipation of Slaves Prior To US Constitution (10/14/2011) - Comment Bubble I’m reading Thomas Jefferson’s Memoirs for no other reason than I have always liked what I heard of him.  So why not read him in his own words, although reading 18th Century English is surely a challenge. I’m thinking for now that writing in a “stream of consciousness” manner is best to get […]
  38. K-T Connections: All Cities (6/3/2011) - ALL CITIES  Cincinnati, Ohio Denise Adams Inpatient Clinical Director, Division of Hematology/Oncology Medical Director, Comprehensive Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformation Clinic Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations Clinic, Cincinnati, OH Amy B. Reed, MD, FACS Assistant Professor of Surgery, […]
  39. K-T Connections: Boston, Ma (6/28/2011) - Boston, MA Steven J. Fishman, MD [ K-T Community Referral ] Co-Director, Vascular Anomalies Center Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Chair in Surgery Senior Associate in Surgery Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School Children’s Hospital Boston, Department of Surgery 300 Longwood Ave, Fegan 3, Boston, MA 02115-5724 – – – – – – – – – […]
  40. K-T Connections: Cincinnatti, Oh (6/29/2011) - Cincinnati, Ohio  Denise Adams Inpatient Clinical Director, Division of Hematology/Oncology Medical Director, Comprehensive Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformation Clinic Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations Clinic, Cincinnati, OH   Amy B. Reed, MD, FACS Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division […]
  41. K-T Connections: Home Page (6/30/2011) - . Touch or click the links to access city views of the K-T Connections directory  … links by City Boston, Ma Cincinnati, Oh Houston, Ca Los Angeles, Ca New York, Ny Omaha, Ne Portland, Oe Rochester, Mn San Diego, Ca   Please Read: A huge thank you to the K-T Support Community for their unselfish […]
  42. K-T Connections: Houston, Tx (6/24/2011) - Houston, Texas  Patricia Burrows, MD Scientific Advisor and Chief of Service, Vascular Anomaly Center- Interventional Radiology Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor School of Medicine Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Interventional Radiology Service 6621 Fannin St, 1st floor, West Tower, MC 2-2526 Houston, TX 77030-2303 – – – – – – – – – – [ Information […]
  43. K-T Connections: Los Angeles, Ca (6/18/2011) - Los Angeles, California  Dean Anselmo, MD Pediatric Surgery Co-Director of the Vascular Anomalies Clinic Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Pediatric Surgery #100, Los Angeles, CA 90027 – – – – – – – – – – [ Information herein is proprietary and may not be used, copied, or otherwise lifted without prior written approval * […]
  44. K-T Connections: New York, Ny (6/22/2011) - New York, New York Jessica J. Kandel, MD Irving Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Surgery New York-Presbyterian, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Columbia University Medical Center Pediatric Surgery, Vascular Anomalies Service North Room 214, 3959 Broadway, New York, NY 10032   Andrei Rebarber, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology New York […]
  45. K-T Connections: Omaha, Ne (6/16/2011) - Omaha, Nebraska  Glen Ginsburg, MD Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery (1) University of Nebraska Medical Center 981080 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198-1080 (2) Pediatric Orthopaedic Services 10506 Burt Circle, Omaha, NE 69114 – – – – – – – – – – [ Information herein is proprietary and may not […]
  46. K-T Connections: Portland, Or (6/14/2011) - Portland, Oregon  Alfons L. Krol, MD, FRCPC  (From General Research)  Director of Pediatric Dermatology at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Oregon Health and Science University, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd., Portland, OR 97239 – – – – – – – – – – [ Information herein is proprietary and may not be […]
  47. K-T Connections: Rochester, Mn (6/26/2011) - Rochester, MN  David J. Driscoll, MD Professor of Pediatrics Pediatric Cardiology Mayo Clinic 200 First St. S.W., Rochester, MN 55905   Peter Gloviczki, MD Director, Gonda Vascular Center Chair, Vascular Surgery; Professor of Surgery Mayo Clinic 200 First St. S.W., Rochester, MN 55905   Anthony Stans, MD Assistant Professor of Orthopedics Mayo Clinic 200 First […]
  48. K-T Connections: San Diego, Ca (6/25/2011) - San Diego, Ca Ralph Dilly, MD [ K-T Kid Referral by: William Anton Lee ] Division Head, Vascular Surgery Chief of Staff, GreenHospital Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery, Scripps Clinic Medical Group Surgeon-in-Chief, Scripps Green Hospital Joined Scripps Clinic Medical Group: 1978 Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines  10666 N Torrey Pines Rd SW210 0 La Jolla, CA […]
  49. K-T Definitions & Explanations (11/21/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research* Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, as defined by: MedlinePlus PubMedHealth National Institues of Health – Nureo National Institutes of Health – Genetics Home Reference Patient.co.uk International Birth Defects Information System Birthmarks.us NOVA – National Organization of Vascular Anamolies – – – – – – – – – * #k-t, #k-ts, #klippel-trenaunay-syndrome, #kts
  50. K-T Medical Institutions (11/12/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research* Seattle Children’s Hospital, Research and Foundation Vascular Anomalies Newsletter, Winter 2009 (PDF) Perkins JA, Manning SC, Tempero RM, Cunningham MJ, Edmonds JL, Hoffer FA, Egbert ME. Lymphatic Malformations: Review of Current Treatment. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2010 Jun;142(6):795-803, 803e1. Perkins JA, Manning SC, Tempero RM, Cunningham MJ, Edmonds JL, Hoffer FA, Egbert ME. Lymphatic Malformations: […]
  51. K-T Medical Institutions (11/14/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research* Gonda Vascular Center in Minnesota (Mayo Clinic) OHSU Hemangioma and Vascular Birthmarks Clinic, @ Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Westside Clinic, Oregon Health & Science University Vascular Anomalies Clinic, Pediatric Surgery @ Hasbro, HASBRO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL  – – – – – – – – – * Continuing our work to bring you the world’s most […]
  52. K-T Medical Institutions (11/18/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research* Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Boston Cincinnati Children’s Hospital University of Maryland Medical Center Seattle Children’s
  53. K-T Research & Papers (11/11/2011) - Comment Bubble Comparing The Effects of Surgical Intervention, Chemical Intervention, and Compression Therapy in Patients with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, Matthew S. Nole, November 23, 1998 [www] Vascular Medicine Article Successful Management of Pregnancy Complicated by Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome [www]  
  54. K-T Support Groups (11/20/2011) - Comment Bubble K-T.ORG   [ The Klippel-Trenaunay Support Group ] The first-in-the-world Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome Support Group. Started in the U.S.A this group includes Domestic and International members from around the globe.  They are the pioneers of K-T Support Groups FOUR POINTS OF LIGHTS Organization’s Website Facebook Discussion Group Email Discussion Group Option 1: Go directly to the […]
  55. K-T Syndrome: A Basic Primer (8/31/2011) - Comment Bubble Start Here You likely found us here because your baby was born with muted-red stains which turn deep purple at times and/or a doctor diagnosed your baby with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome.  I hope this is a good landing spot for you.  Welcome! This article is the first in a series with an eye towards narrowing the information gap […]
  56. K-T Syndrome: A Street-Level View (8/29/2011) - Comment Bubble My Take When you read the professional literature on Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (K-T), regardless of who publishes it, the content will likely confuse you, scare you and in some cases have you in tears.  Stop for a minute here and read my take.  It’s an unconventional approach, for no other reason than this syndrome, and […]
  57. K-T: Conditions presented at Birth (8/23/2011) - Comment Bubble Preface: K-T is so diverse that even those with visually like attributes will have deeper disparities as doctors take a closer look.  Please take care in generalizing from information provided here.  I guardedly present my story because so any KTS kids have told me similar stories.  I get the sense that many of the kids track as I […]
  58. K-T: Conditions presented during Adulthood (8/17/2011) - Comment Bubble Adulthood started early for me.  Working fulltime at the age of 15, we unwittingly broke the child labor laws in California.  Then and now, I’m glad the State wasn’t enforcing these at the time.  I really needed the job and thankfully I was able to handle the late work hours and early morning […]
  59. K-T: Conditions presented during Childhood (8/19/2011) - Comment Bubble Let’s pick up the conversation here with a quote from an early article.   It’s telling and foundational, all in a good way. “All this said, Mom and Dad followed an Army Doctor’s advice – “He’s a child, raise him like any other child.” And they did exactly that.  Who knew my “birthmark” was […]
  60. K-T: Fundamentally a Lesson in Human Plumbing (8/27/2011) - Comment Bubble Why a lesson in plumbing? The human body survives through a network of flexible pipes that are designed to (1) feed our muscles, ligaments, bones and brains, and (2) to clean up after the feeding frenzy.  Clean up returns usable material to our lungs and heart for recycling and dumps toxic waste that is […]
  61. K-T: High School Biology and Beyond (8/25/2011) - Comment Bubble By now I’m likely in trouble with my high school biology teacher; that is, trying to explain the circulatory system using a plumbing analogy and all.  I recall my biology teacher describing a closed system, a circulatory triad of arteries, capillaries, and veins.  Something about the arteries carrying blood away from the heart, […]
  62. K-T: My Syndrome, My Medical Condition (8/25/2011) - Comment Bubble … an introduction and overview As obvious and gross (in a medical sense) as it is, every doctor who saw me from birth through adulthood had no professional curiosity to better understand its life and medical consequences. It was my own advocacy that drove me to finally locate the small group of doctors […]
  63. K-T: The Heredity Question (8/21/2011) - Comment Bubble My family history with K-T: I’m the first and only known case on both sides of my family – father and mother. I have two biological children born WITHOUT K-T and otherwise very regular (9 APGAR). I have two biological grandchildren born WITHOUT K-T and otherwise regular (10 APGAR). Klippel-Trenaunay is a very […]
  64. Ketogenic Diet Fixes Damaged Kidneys (9/19/2011) - Comment Bubble … and the low-carb vs low-fat vs no-meat debate rages on New Findings: Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine have for the first time determined that the ketogenic diet, a specialized high-fat, low carbohydrate diet, reversed impaired kidney function in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  They also identified a […]
  65. Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome Defined (11/26/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research * Here is a link to yet another definition of K-T Syndrome.  It’s presented by the Center for Endovascular Surgery: Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome. I keep posting additional definitions of K-T Syndrome as I find them.  One concern I have is that the casual reader may get frustrated with the variability in these definitions.  This feeling […]
  66. Letter to K-T Parents (8/30/2011) - … to the parents of kids with Port Wine Stains … to the parents of kids with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome Dear New Parents, Welcome to my personal journal.  I have been diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome.  My journey there has been unusual.  You may be feeling a bit apprehensive right now.  I’m encouraging you to take a […]
  67. Lymphatic Malformations (11/13/2011) - Comment Bubble  More Research* Lymphatic Malformations, DermNet NZ: The New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated Lymphatic Malformation Treatment: Defining State-of-the-Art (William E. Shiels II, DO, Chairman, Department of Radiology, Nationwide Children’s Hospital) Lymphatic Malformations, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Lymphatic Malformations, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), University of Toronto Lymphatic Malformations, National Organization of Vascular Anomalies- […]
  68. Mea Culpa (8/14/2012) - ….   I have not been diligent in checking my blog. Life has been challenging at best. Things are settling. I apologize for being absent and in the future will post out-of-the-office notices. We lost our computer to a death virus and it took weeks to recover, just in time to attend the bi-annual K-T […]
  69. Meaningful Unity of the Natural and the Spiritual (9/3/2011) - … you might be surprised [The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one?  [No matter] I want to know how God created this world.  I am not interested in this or that […]
  70. My Motivation to Write (9/7/2011) - Every now and then you read something that challenges your understandings, and absent concrete thought or memory your preconceived notions. I think it a benefit to friend, or simply those with a passing interest, to write about these as I’m sure many fall into the same arena as I. And, why not share! Brother Edward, […]
  71. No! Men, Don’t Just Shut Up! (9/25/2018) - “What defines the success of a movement? Is it how loudly its message resounds? Or is it how much tangible change it makes in the lives of those it was formed to protect? … Awareness is hollow if not followed by measurable action that makes a difference.”  – Mira Sorvino   Extending the statute of limitations […]
  72. November 17th – Light from Darkness (11/17/2011) - Comment Bubble Brothers Lee are thinking today is our memorial day with all the respect owed the veterans we honor on their days.  Dad passed away 5-years ago and 17-years to the day after Mom. This special day goes easier this year for this particular son, as I celebrate my grandson, Anthony’s, 1st Birthday today.  […]
  73. On Being a Whole Person (4/27/2013) - “Education can help us only if it produces “whole men.” The truly educated man is not a man who knows a bit of everything, not even the man who knows all the details of all subjects (if such a thing were possible): the “whole man,” in fact, may have very little detailed knowledge of facts […]
  74. Open Mind, Open Door (11/23/2011) - Comment Bubble Thesis – Antithesis – Thesis ! Here, here, Brother Edward, your mantra lives.  To all those skeptics who say we are doomed to our prejudices, I say bunk!  To those who insist that heart-felt opinions can’t be changed, I say bunk!  Click and Read – you’ll better understand Brother Edward: Climate Skeptics Take Another Hit […]
  75. Passion Rarely Asks Reason (10/7/2012) - …  a short essay … So it seems. Abortions began to end a life that was conceived by choice. Once, we preserved that life as a cherished flower. Once, we praised that life as choice celebrated. Abortions began to end a life that was conceived by abuse. Once, we preserved that life as a treasured […]
  76. Passion Rarely Asks Reason (Commentary) (10/7/2012) - … Follow-up Commentary ‘Passion Rarely Asks Reason’ is an short essay I wrote which was inspired by the contemporary debate on a women’s unabridged right to choose an abortion which is commonly presented as an inalienable right to choose. The counter debate is over consideration that post-conception, as early as the zygote stage, another life […]
  77. Pediatric Vascular Anomalies (11/19/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research*  Pediatric Vascular Anomalies, [Power Point Presentation], Harvard Medical School (Children’s Hospital Boston) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – – – – – – – – – * Continuing our work to bring you the world’s most comprehensive array of information on K-T #k-t, #k-ts, #klippel-trenaunay-syndrome, #kts
  78. Peripheral Vascular Malformations (11/15/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research* Peripheral Vascular Malformations: Imaging, Treatment Approaches, and Therapeutic Issues, RadioGraphics, The Radiological Society of North America  – – – – – – – – – – * Continuing our work to bring you the world’s most comprehensive array of information on K-T
  79. Power as I Know it (4/25/2013) - Social Power comes from concentrating and controlling governance whether the tools of choice are land, money, resources, food, opportunity, jobs, guns and/or politics; and community be damned when those who jealously horde these tools conspire to put ownership in the hands of a select few wo/men. William Anton Lee, 2013 April 23 Inspired by me, […]
  80. President Obama’s New Contract with America (10/26/2011) - Comment Bubble … politicians seem biologically incapable of simple, practical proposals I offer the following policy notice to President Obama.  I’d be honored if he took it and ran with it. Proposed Public Policy Notice: Pres. Obama, using executive powers, today ordered the IRS to add a voluntary contribution line to all Tax Filing Documents.  […]
  81. Raise Your Sail (4/27/2013) - As you sit in the Calm you can choose to nothing or to fear everything – or, you can raise the sail in preparation of the wind which will inevitably stir in the moments immediately after resting from your productive exercise. This is not faith, this is a deep understanding that life demands constructive actions […]
  82. Reflections on Determinations of Disability (10/8/2011) - Comment Bubble … shining a light on the realities of filing for permanent disability. A favorable final determination or permanent disability, if you get it, all too often means denial of the initial application, denial at appeal, denial at reconsideration, and finally a favorable finding by a judge after judicial review. As for the government […]
  83. Routine Skin Care for K-T Kids: Twice a Week Bleach Baths (8/6/2012) - … Comment Bleach baths kill bacteria on our skin and decrease chance infections should we develop breaks in the skin like from lesions, blebs, stasis venous ulcers, or simple cuts. Don’t forget to re-moisturize after taking a bath.  I use a very good product called Absorbase. Stay posted. Articles on how and why to follow […]
  84. Sabotaging Diversity (9/2/2018) - I haven’t written in a while. I’ve had some time to think and reflect. The bug is returning, if not ever so slow. I’ve evolved my social media toolkit; creating different platforms in order to help friends and pen pals choose what content they are more or less forced to interact with as pertains to […]
  85. Selfish Addictions, Not (2/2/2014) - … comment bubble Reflected on the news of the day. Another celebrity passed away from a drug overdose. A lot of attention is drawn to his legacy and so on. One commentator spoke, “The way we talk about a celebrity who ODs says a lot about the way we think about people who are struggling […]
  86. Smart Government, beats No Government (10/18/2011) - Comment Bubble … being smart beats being first to the heifer    Several congruent points about mainstream socio-political thinking: It’s not about no government; it’s about smart government! It’s not about imprisoning business; it’s about partnering with responsible business! It’s not about fencing-off the environment; it’s about maintaining sustainable eco-systems! While I’m a first-order eco nut with a […]
  87. Social Security is NOT an Annuity? (10/7/2011) - Comment Bubble … surprised? Get ready to throw something and warn the kids they may want to leave the room while your reading this piece. This extract is from a 1960 finding made by the US Supreme Court. Just about the time you think you can trust government to do the right thing or believe […]
  88. Stasis Ulcer Infection (11/29/2011) - Comment Bubble … here we go again Confucius says, “K-T man wearing sandals has no business standing in a tiny bathroom while other man blind-tosses moldy sheetrock”. Yep, here we go again! It’s amazing how quickly we humans forget pain. These stasis ulcers are seriously painful. I’m hoping my body still chooses to fight these […]
  89. Step it up, be an American Hero (10/20/2011) - Comment Bubble … if you aren’t willing to sacrifice your life or the life of your kids than it’s not a war we belong in I’ve heard it said that the chance of an American being killed by a terrorist on our soil, or in one of our air carriers, is something like 1 in […]
  90. Strength through Virtue! (6/1/2011) - This was the motto of one of a centuries old Lee Clan of Ireland.  I like it!  I’ll strive to live up to it. Welcome to my personal journal.   I’m looking forward to reading, reflection and writing, and the conversations these bring.  I look forward to hearing from you whether friend or passer-by.  I’m the sort that […]
  91. Tea Party: Libertarian or Social Conservative? (10/17/2011) - Comment Bubble … not a Tea Party member and not proselytizing,  just trying to understand the landscape The Tea Party movement seems like a fairly amorphous thing.  Most of the grass-roots people I know who profess a comfort level with the Tea Party movement I would describe as Libertarians and not classic Social Conservatives.  These […]
  92. The International K-T House & Mentor Program (11/30/2011) - Comment Bubble I have a dream! I’m calling it the International K-T House & Mentor Program*. So many parents first learn of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome when their child is born with it.  Those moments are often frantic moments, particularly for parents whose children are born looking very different from the picture they had in mind.  Making this experience […]
  93. The need for critical thinking in conversations about women’s lives, as a function of social protocols (10/13/2017) - This is Alec Baldwin speaking about his understanding of once Sen. Wiener; yes that guy. I almost subtitled this why Alex Baldwin is an asshole and a political-social hypocrite. “Weiner is the modern, high functioning man. The fact that he is married is just one, albeit a huge, factor. I know many people who divorce […]
  94. Thinking about Goodness Today (11/27/2011) - Comment Bubble There are men in this world who you grow to admire having been raised by them.   There ways are not always obvious, but their hearts clearly point the way.  This week as we work on my Dad’s home to freshen it up a bit for his sister who he asked us boys to care […]
  95. Treatment of Scrapes, Scratches and More Serious Wounds (8/13/2011) - Comment Bubble … seriously brown sugar, it’s a miracle … natures substitute would be DuoDerm bandages I spent most of my childhood without concern or consequence when injured, scratched, and so on.  I was treated like any other kid.  I broke my left Tibia at around age 19 and healed quite normally, no serious complications.  The casting decision […]
  96. Vascular Malformations (11/22/2011) - Comment Bubble More Research * Vascular Malformations and Hemangiomas, A Practical Approach in a Multidisciplinary Clinic (Lane F. Donnelly, Denise M. Adams, George S. Bisset III) Treatment of Vascular Malformations, Johns Hopkins Medicine Vascular Malformations,  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Vascular Malformations, Foundation for Faces of Children, Brookline, MA Vascular Malformations, National Organization of Vascular Anomalies- NOA […]
  97. Welcome to ‘Seen Yet Not Heard’ (1/1/2011) - Welcome to my personal journal.   This journal is a living autobiography.  Who knows maybe it will amount to something productive 20-years from now.  I started writing things down months ago and as of today I’m still working on the general form of the journal.  Technology is great.  I think I’m close to leaving well enough […]
  98. When is Sweet Not Sugar (11/25/2011) - Comment Bubble Ok, we’ve pretty much accepted that sugar is not so good in our diet.  Try avoiding it entirely these days as you travel and socialize.  Heck, try shopping it out of your grocery items.   I found the article referenced below very interesting and educational.  I haven’t chased all of the information presented to […]
  99. Why So Open? (9/8/2011) - Comment Bubble … Somethings are best understood within the context of personal endeavor  In so much as this endeavor – Seen But Not Heard – is an open journal containing articles on personal and social matters, there are going to be writings posted here that will leave some readers wondering why I’m putting this information into the […]
  100. Wisdom – Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 (7/29/2020) - Moving through 1st Impressions to Constructive Outcomes www.facebook.com/Honcatewaruguru/videos/247841942915177/ Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016, speaks to persistence. She also speaks to first impressions, uncomfortable introductions, and moving forward with humility and openness.