This is day one of a new endeavor. Hoping it works so I can return my personal Facebook page back into a routine picture book and family scrapbook.

Conversations will be viewable by the public. The public can select to follow us and not feel compelled to comment. Let’s call these folks Readers. Those in the general public wishing to comment will be prompted to register with us first. I chose this route to keep our circle of pen pals insulated from social-media Trolls. Let’s call this second group of folks Contributors. Comments will be moderated; after these last several years in talk groups I’m respectively done with character assassination and amateur psychoanalysis.

This forum works differently than Facebook in an another important way. Those of us who want to post articles into this forum will be known as Authors. I’m hoping for thoughtful articles. It is also my hope that we either are or will become friends in conversation as we meet new pen pals. To be an Author you’ll need to do two things —

  1. Find the “Log In” link on the Top Menu; last item on the right. Clicking on the link takes you to a sign-on screen. Locate the new account link and then ask to be a “WordPress.Com” User.
  2. Send me a message using the Contact Form below expressing your interest.

I’ll follow-up with a formal invitation which will come to the eMail account you give. Accept the invitation and you’re ready to go.

The Contact Form below is also a way to let me know you stopped by to see how we are doing. Please do say hello, offer testimonials, make suggestions, and so forth. Fair warning, I’m using the free version of WordPress which means Advertisements will display on our pages from time to time. When I get a little richer I’ll upgrade and fix this minor, temporary inconvenience.

Please note, this initial release of the website includes articles/writings I had previously posted to my personal journal, and at times Facebook. These appear after this introductory letter. I thought it would be fun to get some content into the website and start the conversation flow. Please be easy on me; these are not classic articles, rather these express personal viewpoints which likely need review in light of their age.

Best in Life and Health,

@williamantonlee [wordpress.com]
@WilliAntonLee [twitter]