[Stereotyping, Retribution, and Feel Good Misery]

No more quiet acquiescence to stereotyping from folks who think the end justifies the means and that their personal pain gives them the authority to swing wildly at anything that moves outside their own tightly controlled framework. This is what happens when retribution and vengeance, even cultural paranoia sees ghosts around every corner. We require the child to suffer the parent’s indiscretions. We declare our misery greater than other’s misery, even to the point of assessing their misery as privilege. We see our inability to immediately stand against abuse as justifying later day abuses of our own. We excuse political overreach as valid restitution for age-old norms that no longer stand as proper; i.e., no longer normative precisely because free-will and experience leads us to evolve.

It’s not Progressive to weaponize simplistic explanations of a very complicated multivariate universe, cultural or otherwise. It’s not parity when you demand personal responsibility for the evil or misguided actions of one’s neighbor. The human animal is a private animal that’s endowed with free will and a collection of very personal and unique experiences to draw upon when consciously and unconsciously acting.

Yes, by all means advocate for change, ask neighbors to be 100% engaged in community, be 100% transparent and demand the same from your community and governance, and understand that a community creates systemic features that will be barriers to parity and civility no matter it’s individual and collective well intentions. No, not every soul who appears to or actually shares similar or generational DNA, cultural or biological, makes the same choices as their lineage, their stereotyped neighbor or parentage.

Be aware that when swinging about and flaying one’s proverbial hands and arms, you’re not going to experience the hugs and collaborations needed to overcome personal tragedies and collective angst and/or abuses. Rage in any form is violence and violence breeds violence, if not then resistance for sure. To understand peace and it’s powerful ability to decompress and set the stage for the collective rejection of abuse and enslavement by the power elite we should look to great people who faced death, some dying, having chosen nonviolence as their “go to” action or reaction.

No the universe is not fair, we humans, the thinking animal, judged fair based on our personal choices. Do we choose peace? Do we reject stereotyping? Are we transparent? Do we elevate those who struggle to elevate themselves? Do we seek remedy via constructive (positive) engagement? Do we forgive so much that we find we’ve truly cleared our memory of pain and suffering? Do we share our prosperity, even our limited advantage given by accident of birth, with those in need whether physical, mental, or emotional?