Sabotaging Diversity

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve had some time to think and reflect. The bug is returning, if not ever so slow. I’ve evolved my social media toolkit; creating different platforms in order to help friends and pen pals choose what content they are more or less forced to interact with as pertains to my diverse interests. Front Porch Cinversations is tab in my binder where I hope to place random questions and thoughts about community, governance, and life in general. It’s not a family scrapbook, or personal diary, or intellectual thesis. It’s a place where I can say things without months and months of research. It’s inpressiins. It’s also a place where I can say never mind because my heart and soul got out in front of my mind or my mind simply had a weak moment and moved to emote rather than analyze everything to death before leaving a bookmark as pertains to random thoughts or even dreams.

So then, this morning I found myself both thinking and perplexed.

Why is it in the name of diversity a goodly number of people work to remove the very distinctions that created it? There’s a laziness to it. It takes patience and understanding to see and encourage diversity and honor its distinctions. Whitewashing (as in painting everything with the same paint) doesn’t reflect the beauty that is Mother Nature; it’s a catastrophic winter event where all of the natural distinctions disappear and the sky, road, and side views disappear such that we fear moving in any direction or worse we crash into the indistinguishable. Being different is more than ok; more importantly it’s the foundation for a more robust environment and generational longevity. I am proudly a genetic male. My wife is proudly a genetic female. We chose to procreate. We chose to be a husband and a wife. We choose to go topless or covered. We choose! That’s what animals given a human brain do. To not understand that animals across every species model diversity such that their life behaviors can sustain the species is to take exception to the very Mother Nature that is so commonly referenced to justify diversity in the first place. Encourage strength of thought and character in individuals do that they can see diversity and chose their pathway forward without placing restraints on others free will to choose their own pathway. That’s not a world of monochrome habitats and simplistic language and images. It’s a very rich ecosystem that acknowledges diversity, analytical thinking and choice. And for the sake Mother Nature and Humanity in particular stop sweeping people into one genetic bin or isolating people into monolithic safe havens wherein the occupants jealously guard their biological or social heritage thinking that evolution is a strategic and diabolical plan to erase the human legacy; it’s Mother Nature creating new diversities, ones that may never look like those that preceded it.