The need for critical thinking in conversations about women’s lives, as a function of social protocols

This is Alec Baldwin speaking about his understanding of once Sen. Wiener; yes that guy. I almost subtitled this why Alex Baldwin is an asshole and a political-social hypocrite.

“Weiner is the modern, high functioning man. The fact that he is married is just one, albeit a huge, factor. I know many people who divorce over such issues of online betrayal. Appointment sex with your spouse doesn’t always arrive when you need it most. A modern cell phone, loaded with contacts of willing fellow players, has a table with a red checkered table cloth ready for you at virtually any time.

We tell ourselves that these devices help us communicate more effectively. What they actually do is allow us to bypass the person lying right next to us, across the room from us or at an airport heading home to us, in order to meet our immediate, even inconvenient, needs. To bypass their moods, their current view of us and their own desires, or lack thereof.

Weiner is a modern human being. So he ensnared himself in things that modern humans do. When I first heard about his problems, I snickered and made jokes, too. Now, I’m sad for him, his family, his district and his colleagues.

Let he who is without sin…..”

  • HuffPost , August 09, 2011

It’s no wonder women are abused and fight glass ceilings. They are objects to be excused and compelled to understand we are after all guiltless modern men.

Now explain to me again how it is that the conservative man or women is exclusively a wretched Soul for overlooking a braggart. I wrote harshly about this August 2011 absolution by Alec, yet today Alec is considered by some a modern day hero for funning Trump about his foul play. In light of the recent Weinstein revelations maybe it’s time to choose a different course than feeding at the trough called Hollywood Movies and TV as we know it and giving either of these any sway over our moral code. Time for critical thinking to become our mode of operation and stop following the lead of others simply because they have the stage, whether political or social.