[The Women in President Trump’s Life]

[Political Thought]

As much as I dislike Pres. Trump and wish him a speedy 4 years and out, this concerted effort to whack his wife’s and daughter’s businesses is not a good idea. We speak about progressive values, we speak to women being their own masters and not being hooked at the hip with male partners, and then we jam these two for being strong and successful individuals. Punishing the women for the man is medieval.

From a practical perspective, those close to this President tell us these women are having a positive impact on Pres. Trump, bringing him to soften the alt-right pissants around him. We need to encourage these women to continue to soften Pres. Trump up. They will outlive the Bannon’s of this Presidency. For all the nonsense about his daughter being family and an improper counselor, better her than Bannon. For all the nonsense about his wife protecting the son’s school year, better she protects the child and comfortably integrates their family life in the coming 3 1/2 years. Nothing more counterproductive than burning down their family and livelihoods and their independence, when winning their hearts and thanking them for challenging the men around Trump is so far more constructive.

If we can’t see that Pres. Trump (and the women largely credited as the first women to manage a successful political/pr campaign into a Whitehouse win) is lashing out as a father and husband (and friend) and not as the Office of the President, then we’re collectively lost in the weeds. This lack of focus on resonating economic issues is what stopped Bernie’s message from dominating the airwaves and led to a Pres. Trump in the first place.

I’m not a fan of blind rage. I want Bernie’s fact based message to be the counter message every night on the news. Stop the distractions.